Importance of Air Massage in an Electric Massage Chair

If you find it hard to regularly visit a spa for a massage, a convenient way is to keep a massage chair at home and enjoy your massage anytime you want in the comfort of your home. A good massage chair uses the same massage techniques on you that a massage therapist uses and will offer the same therapeutic benefits. A full body massage chair will also include air bags in its construction to add even more versatility and comfort to the massages that they provide. Great massage chairs come with a large number of air bags placed throughout the massage chair to provide with the best air massage possible.

Purpose of airbags in a massage chair:

Air massage is a unique type of massage that the massage chair provides by using the air bags that are placed inside the body of the chair. They are normally placed in those areas which the rollers aren’t able to reach so easily such as your feet, neck and shoulders. They are also located behind your lower back to produce a rotation. Expansion of one air bag pushes your lower back forward while the second air rotates your hips.

By the expansion and contraction of the air bags inside the chair, a compression massage is created. When an area is to be massaged, the air bags surrounding that area will first inflate to produce compression around the area and then deflate. Some massage chairs include options for adjusting the intensity of air massage. If this is the case, you can control the intensity of the massage which as a result adjusts the degree of expansion and contraction of the air bags inside the chair.

How does this type of massage benefit your health?

Compression massage is a popular massage used for improving your blood flow. The air bags inside the massage chair that inflate and deflate to produce the effects of a compression massage not only improve the blood circulation inside your body but also help you relax and remove stress. If your are experiencing pain in your muscles or lower back, you are likely to heal much faster with this type of massage.

How to find a best massage chair with air bags?

Finding a good massage chair in the countless massage chairs available in the market is not an easy task at all. You will need to read some reviews of the best massage chairs and see if they have air bag technology and along with it all the other important features before you consider buying it. The newest models from Osaki, which is a well-known company for manufacturing massage chairs, OS-TW Pro 3 and OS-4000 come fully equipped with all the latest technologies along with air bags to enhance your massage. With a little research you will definitely be able to find something good and at a good price too.

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